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The Inner Circle is a series of profiles of the Circulate San Diego staff where you will get to know the creative, interesting, and talented people who make the wheels turn at Circulate. 



It’s hard to beat the positive energy and enthusiasm of Maya Rosas, Circulate San Diego’s Policy Assistant.  Originally brought on as an intern, Maya’s passion for her work led her to land a full time job in 2014 working with Circulate’s policy team. From taking the lead in community meetings, to in-depth research, to speaking and interviewing stakeholders in Spanish, to brainstorming new outreach strategies like storytelling nights and callejoneadas, Maya has introduced many new creative ideas to Circulate and brought a positive vibe to every project she’s involved with.

Originally from Los Angeles, Maya moved to San Diego in 2010 by way of Pitzer College and a Fulbright Fellowship in Zacatecas, Mexico to teach English. Once in San Diego, she enrolled in SDSU’s City Planning graduate program where she has completed her coursework and is currently writing her thesis focused on pedestrian safety. During her tenure at SDSU she was asked to be the student representative on the Board of Directors for San Diego’s local American Planning Association section. She is now the Board Secretary for the SDAPA.

In her spare time she jogs slowly, drinks lots of coffee, tours her hometown Los Angeles, and enjoys long walks anywhere but in nature. Keep your eye out for this young leader (and follow her on Twitter!).