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Traffic Calming Course

At Circulate, the team is always striving to educate people in fun and creative ways. Over the past year, the team has done a lot of work doing education regarding traffic calming treatments in San Diego and beyond. Because of this focus, the team created this unique, fun, and educational remote-control traffic calming course.

The 40 foot x 12 foot vinyl course showcases a variety of traffic calming treatments such as a roundabout, curb extensions, and protected bike lanes, among others. Along with the course comes a set of remote controlled toy vehicles where users are expected to navigate the course in a safe and controlled manner. Because of the traffic calming treatments, users quickly find out this task is not as easy as it seems. One must travel slowly through the course which is the intent of traffic calming measures in the real world.

This activity has been used in San Diego and across the region; its popularity is spreading as it has been requested across Southern California. Below are a few pictures of the course in action.