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This is a critical time for transit in San Diego. Now more than ever, Circulate San Diego is providing crucial advocacy to ensure our region can function in a time of crisis.

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Social distancing protocols have collapsed revenues for transit in San Diego, Yet, many essential workers still rely on the bus and trolley to reach jobs that keep the rest of us safe.

Over the years, Circulate San Diego has built relationships with advocates from around the country. In March, we joined 250 organizations nationwide to advocate for transit in the federal rescue. Our advocacy worked, and we secured $25 billion in direct operating funding for transit. Hundreds of millions are on the way to support San Diego transit.

This funding will ensure that grocery clerks, construction workers, and medical staff that rely on transit can still do their essential work and keep our community safe.

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This pandemic is creating pain for everyone. Nonprofits like Circulate are no different. If you can, please contribute today.


Colin Parent
Executive Director and General Counsel
Circulate San Diego

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