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UCSD Demonstration Project

This past September 2022, the Circulate team coordinated with UCSD staff and student volunteers to create a demonstration project for those who move around the campus. The area chosen for this effort was UCSD's Northpoint Garage between Marshall and 6th College. This area was identified because of ongoing issues with pedestrians traveling along the new pedestrian mall which has resulted in conflicts with traffic near the entrance/exit of the Northpoint Garage. 

The team installed a temporary crosswalk, sharrows, and painted dots on the sidewalk to help improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety by orienting users to the sidewalk or crosswalk instead of the street where there is ongoing motor traffic in/out of the garage. 

After the installation, Circulate staff observed UCSD students, staff, faculty, and visitors interact with the temporary infrastructure for a period of 7 hours. During our observation, everything worked as expected and proved to improve safety conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The temporary improvements provided designated corridors for each mode of transportation while improving awareness for all users within the right-of-way.

The goal for UCSD was to test treatments for potential future improvements. Below are a few pictures with highlights of the demonstration project.  

Images of the install

Images of the demonstration