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Circulate has joined our Allies in the Home Builders' Alliance in supporting various bills, which will help increase housing production in California.

Click the links to read the letters:

SB 1077 (Blakespear)

AB 1886 (Alvarez)

AB 1820 (Shiavo)

AB 2439 (Quirk-Silva)

AB 2560 (Alvarez)

AB 2580 (Wicks)

AB 2728 (Gabriel)

AB 2361 (Davies)

AB 1893 (Wicks)

AB 2243 (Wicks)

AB 2553 (Friedman)

AB 2729 (Patterson)

AB 1123 (Caballero)

AB 1462 (Glazer)

SB 986 (HBA)