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At Circulate, we believe transportation and land use policies should work for everyone, not just some.

As the regional leader in planning initiatives, we strive to amplify the voices of neglected groups in conventional community engagement efforts, such as transit users, seniors, youth, and other marginalized populations.

With your support, we will continue to develop tools that ensure everyone has access to walkable and transit friendly communities.

A glaring problem in San Diego is the distribution of public green spaces. Individuals of Latinx heritage and low-income residents have a staggering 55% less access to parks compared to their wealthier, white counterparts.

What little green space is available in these neighborhoods is often largely inaccessible, particularly by those traveling without a car.

Drawing on our extensive expertise in transit and mobility, the team at Circulate plays a crucial role in conducting assessments alongside community groups. Through walk audits, surveys, and face-to-face community dialogues, we document mobility barriers and opportunities. In our efforts to shed light on these barriers we are currently operating across the San Diego Promise Zone evaluating the concerns surrounding transportation infrastructure, public green space accessibility, and health equity.

Let’s continue to work for safer streets in the region.

Since the early days of our organization, Circulate Planners have worked across the region on initiatives to highlight inequities and propose solutions. By harnessing our planning skills, we are able to pinpoint potential quick-build treatments and draft city placemaking permit applications that enable swift action to be taken!

Your financial support helps us to expand this work.

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Together we are making San Diego a better place to live, work, and move around.

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