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Regional Walk Scorecard


How walkable is your city? Rate your streets with the BestWALK app for Circulate San Diego. Circulate will use this data to rank all the cities in the county in the Regional Walk Scorecard.


How walkable is your city?

Download the BestWALK phone app for free and rate your streets. Your input will help score the walkability of your city for Circulate San Diego’s Regional Walk Scorecard.

The BestWALK app is easy to use. Here’s how:

  1. Download the app, BestWALK, on your iPhone or Android
  2. When the app opens, enter your name, email address, city, and age (optional)
  3. A map with red pins appears, select a pin to rate that street or intersection and press the check box
  4. Press the “Go” button on the upper right corner
  5. Begin rating streets or intersections!

More in depth directions on how to download and run the BestWALK app are available for iPhone and Android.

Don’t have a smart phone? Click here to download and print manual survey forms.