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Parent_C_5x_-_updated.jpgCirculate San Diego is proud to announce the selection of Colin Parent as our new Executive Director and General Counsel.

Below is a message from Colin.

The Circulate San Diego board of directors recently offered me the position of Executive Director and General Council. I was honored to accept, and I look forward to helping continue our successes to improve mobility and affordability in the San Diego region.

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I joined Circulate San Diego’s staff in November of 2014, just over three years ago. This was after serving for a few years on the policy committee of MOVE San Diego, one of our two predecessor organizations.

In the five years that I’ve been involved with Circulate, we have made a lot of progress. We merged Walk San Diego and MOVE San Diego to become the leading advocacy organization in the region on mobility and urbanism. We launched a policy research program that is driving conversations for transit, safety, and land use. We launched a Vision Zero campaign, with a commitment from the City of San Diego to end traffic fatalities.

Our campaigns are bearing fruit. Just this year we:
  • Published data showing that a program we championed is generating a surge in applications for affordable home production.
Circulate San Diego is not an industry group, or a professional society. We have members who are concerned individuals, supportive corporations, public servants, and value-oriented nonprofits. We’re a movement, and our members are what drive our work.

Our movement is about making transportation and land use work for everyone. Our movement is about helping people get around our region without having to shoulder the financial or climate burdens of car ownership. Our movement is about developing a community where everyone who wants to live and work here can afford to do so.

Our members know that our work is difficult. San Diego is a sprawling region dominated by car culture and an endless appetite for congestion-causing freeways. Making our streets safe, and our transit convenient is a difficult, decades-long job. But we are up for it. And we know that you are on board with the cause.

Going forward, we’re going to continue the fight for a more affordable San Diego, and one where people can get around conveniently and safely on a bus, trolley, or bicycle.

We’ll need your help. Become a member of Circulate San Diego, or renew your membership. Help us make the San Diego region a great place for everyone.


Colin Parent
Executive Director and General Counsel
Circulate San Diego

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