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Circulator - 1/3/2020

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1. New Year, New Commute!

2. Grantville Outreach

3. Circulate Supports the Gaslamp Promenade Proposal

New Year, New Commute!

How will you commute differently in 2020?

A new year often brings with it the promise and resolutions. Maybe you are trying to save money, reduce stress, lose weight, help the environment, or spend more time at home with loved ones. A simple solution to many of your goals can be changing your commute. Commuters who share the ride to work in any mode other than driving alone, like a carpool/vanpool, bike, walk, train, or scooter, can use the time spent on their daily commute to help achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

New Year, New Commute is a social campaign funded by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Grantville Outreach

Circulate SD has been working with Affirmed Housing on the Grantville Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program application. The Grantville Transit Oriented Development (TOD) project will provide approximately 150 affordable units directly adjacent to the MTS Grantville Transit Station.

Circulate SD is leading the public outreach component of the application and has successfully engaged over 360 residents, business owners, and commuters through an online survey, pop-up events, and community presentations. Our outreach efforts focused on collecting input on bicycle, pedestrian, and transit improvements that residents would like to see in the area and spread the word about the Grantville affordable housing development, in general.

This project has given us an opportunity to test new outreach strategies such as publicizing the online survey via direct mailers and designing a life-size interactive data collection game.

Circulate Supports the Gaslamp Promenade Proposal

Recently Circulate San Diego issued a support letter for the Gaslamp Promenade Proposal.

The Gaslamp Promenade is an exciting plan to create a pedestrian promenade through one of San Diego’s busiest and most iconic neighborhoods. The proposals would remove cars during daytime and evening hours, allowing for a more attractive destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Fifth Avenue is currently one of the eight most dangerous corridors in the City of San Diego, as we identified in our groundbreaking report on Vision Zero. Removing cars from the street during times of heavy pedestrian activity will reduce car-pedestrian conflicts, prevent injuries, and save lives. Making all road users feel more safe is crucial to getting more people to commute using non-car modes, which is essential to our local and state climate goals.