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Lunch and Learn: Making the Most of the Mid-Coast
Join us for a Lunch and Learn on February 23 at 12:00 to hear about Circulate’s new report, Making the Most of the Mid-Coast.

At a cost of $2.2 billion, the Mid-Coast Trolley Extension is the largest single transit investment in San Diego’s history. San Diego should get the most from this investment by upgrading land uses and transportation infrastructure around it.

Our report provides recommendations for how San Diego can make the most of the Mid-Coast Trolley Extension by:

  • Increasing development capacity,
  • Inviting voters to remove height limits where coastal views would not be impacted,
  • Upgrading surface street corridors with dedicated rights-of-way for buses, bicycles, and pedestrians,
  • Enhancing bus service and Trolley frequency,
  • Transforming surplus government property into affordable homes,
  • Retrofitting Mid-Coast Trolley Extension stations to increase access, and
  • Implementing city-wide reforms to facilitate growth.

Join the zoom meeting here!

Read the full report here!

Special thank you to our Making the Most of the Mid-Coast sponsors, Alexandria, Biomed Realty, U.C. San Diego, Bartell Hotels, F&F Properties, Garden Communities, IQHQ, Kimley Horn, MCTC, Protea, San Diego Association of Realtors, and Shopcore.