Coalition Letter: SB 10 - Local Control for Increased Housing Density

Circulate San Diego joined a Home Building Alliance letter supporting Senate Bill 10, which allows local governments a streamlined path to zone neighborhoods for gentle, middle income density — up to ten units per parcel — if they choose. Various state and local laws make it extremely difficult to do common-sense rezoning quickly; even very mild efforts are often mired in expensive, decades-long legal appeals and litigation. This bill exempts that zoning action from being considered a project under the California Environmental Quality Act. To be eligible for this local action, an area must be urban infill or be near high quality public transportation or a job-rich area. Read the coalition letter here.

Letter: Support for Senate Bill 477 – Housing Data Collection

Circulate submitted a letter on February 26 voicing our support for Senate Bill 477, which would require local governments to collect and share more data on the production of new homes. This data will allow lawmakers, advocates, and researchers to better understand the effectiveness of policies intended to generate new homes, such as the Accessory Dwelling Unit Law and the Density Bonus Law. Read the letter here.

Coalition Letter: 30th Street Bike Lanes

Circulate San Diego joined a coalition letter to San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria reaffirming its support for protected bike lanes on 30th Street. While the use of streets for outdoor dining during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a necessary adjustment, that use should not delay bicycle infrastructure. Investing in protected bike lines on 30th Street will create a critical north-south spine in the broader North Park and Mid-City network. Read the coalition letter here.

Coalition Letter: Federal Public Transit Assistance

Circulate San Diego signed on to a letter thanking President Biden and congressional leaders for their commitment to provide $30 billion in new operational funding to transit agencies nationwide, and urging them to ensure that California receives its fair share of the funding. The letter is from a coalition of transportation, labor, business, infrastructure, environmental and social justice leaders from California.  Read the letter here [PDF].

Letter: Bus and Trolley Transfers in the 2021 Regional Transit Fare Update

On January 19th, Circulate submitted a letter recommending the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Board of Directors revise the proposed 2021 fare changes to include free bus and trolley transfers during one-way trips.

Read Circulate's letter here [PDF].

Letter: Support for multi-use paths in the State Route 67 Improvements Project

Circulate submitted a letter on January 15th, supporting multi-use paths in the State Route 67 Improvements Project. Multi-use paths are a very important component to improving a region's alternative modes of transportation. 

Read Circulate's letter HERE

Letter: Recommendations for Councilmember Budget Priority Memoranda for FY 2022

Circulate submitted a letter with recommendations for inclusion in Councilmember Budget Priority Memoranda for FY 2022. Circulate requests that the City Council prioritize improvements that meet San Diego's Vision Zero and Climate Action Plan goals and also supports the Mobility Board's recommendations.

Read Circulate's letter and the Mobility Board's letter here [PDF].

Coalition Letter: Senate Transportation Committee Chairship

Circulate San Diego signed onto a coalition letter with the Transbay Coalition and mobility advocates across California, requesting that Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins appoint a pro-transit Senate Transportation Chair. Read the letter here [PDF].

Letter: Affordable Homes Bonus Program Concerns in Encinitas

Circulate sent a letter to the Mayor and City Councilmembers of Encinitas, encouraging the Council to reject efforts to undermine AB 2345. Circulate co-sponsored AB 2345 a bill that enhances California’s Density Bonus Law and encourages more affordable homes throughout California. Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter: Support for Complete Communities - Mobility Choices & Housing Solutions

Circulate San Diego signed onto a coalition letter in support of Complete Communities - Mobility Choices. In addition, Circulate submitted a letter of support for Complete Communities - Housing Solutions. These initiatives will bring more affordable housing options to San Diego while making communities more walkable, bikeable, and transit-accessible.

Read the full Coalition's Mobility Choices support letter here [PDF].

Read Circulate's full Housing Solutions support letter here [PDF].

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