Letter: Support for Vision Zero and a Quick Build Network in Budget Letters

Circulate submitted a letter urging City Council members to include additional funding for the Safe and Sustainable Transportation All Ages and Abilities Team (STAT team) to create additional quick build bikeways in San Diego. These bikeways should be prioritized in the areas where the most injuries and deaths occur. In addition, they should form a network that offers bicyclists of all ages and abilities safe paths throughout the urban core, and serve as a proof of concept for future projects throughout the city. Put simply, quick build will save lives. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

Letter: Support for Homes for All of Us

Circulate submitted a letter in support of Mayor Gloria's Homes for All of Us proposal. The Mayor’s ambitious proposal incorporates a variety of tactics to promote housing affordability in San Diego. If passed, it will undoubtedly result in a significant increase in both market-rate and affordable housing. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

California Coalition Letter: Response to USDOL's Determination on the Impacts of PEPRA

On December 9th, California Transit Association along with various partners including Circulate, responded to USDOL's October 28th determination on the impacts of California's Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013.

Read the full letter HERE.

Letter: Update to SANDAG Reboot: Proposed Final Regional Plan Features

Circulate sent a letter to the SANDAG board explaining the changes between the Draft 2021 Regional Plan and the Proposed Final 2021 Regional Plan. This is a follow on to our report, SANDAG Reboot. In the short term, both plans implement significant frequency improvements to bus and rail service, and a system of RAPID busses. Both Plans also include speculative revenues in the later years of the plan, which may jeopardize SANDAG’s ability to deliver on what it promises. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

Read the blog post on the same topic here.

Comparison information is available here. [Excel spreadsheet]

Letter: Support for 2-Way Cycle Track on Highway 101 in Encinitas

Circulate submitted a letter in support of Encinitas City Staff's recommendation to create a two-way cycle track along the west side of South Coast Highway 101 between Chesterfield Drive and the Swami’s pedestrian crossing. This project will give bicyclists a safe way to access the beach and travel between the cities of Encinitas and Solana Beach. Separating bicycle traffic from car traffic is the most effective way of ensuring that people of all ages and abilities can safely ride their bicycles. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

Coalition Letter: Support for Proposed Changes to SANDAG’s Bicycle Safety Projects

Circulate San Diego, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, and Climate Action Campaign sent a coalition letter of support for proposed changes to SANDAG's bicycle safety improvements. The proposed changes come after the coalition's September letter and press conference requesting process improvements. The current proposed changes incorporate the coalition's recommendations, and include additional proposed changes that would both reduce timelines and decrease costs. In addition, the proposed changes include an option to use quick-build for immediate safety improvements and to refine final designs. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

Letter: Support for the 28th Street Multi-Modal Rail Crossing Improvements

Circulate San Diego wrote a letter in support of the 28th Street Multi-Modal Rail Crossing Improvements submitted by SANDAG for funding consideration through the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) grant program.

To read more, click HERE

Letter: Support of S. 3237, the Build More Housing Near Transit Act of 2021

On November 18th, a coalition of over 100 national, regional, state, and local organizations, wrote a letter to Senator Brian Schatz and Senator Mike Braun voicing our support of S. 3237, the Build More Housing Near Transit Act of 2021.


To read more click HERE

Coalition Letter: Support for Eliminating Parking Minimums in TPAs

Circulate and its coalition partners sent a letter in support of Mayor Gloria’s Parking Policy Reform proposal for non-residential uses. This proposal would allow businesses that are located near transit or in neighborhood commercial zones to right-size their parking footprint according to their needs by eliminating parking requirements for most uses in these areas. Current parking minimums are a threat to the City’s goals from its Climate Action Plan. Forcing businesses to build parking creates large stretches of asphalt that are hostile to pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. If the City is to achieve its goal of having large shares of commuters in TPAs bike, walk, or use transit by 2035, it cannot require businesses to cater to drivers. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

Letter: Support for the City of San Diego’s Application for the Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant

Circulate submitted a letter of support for the City of San Diego’s Application for the Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant. The City plans to use the grant to create a Mobility Master Plan. A Mobility Master Plan will prioritize active transportation and climate resilient projects in the most vulnerable communities and which will help the City and State achieve their climate and equity goals. The Plan will implement the City’s General Plan, Mobility Action Plan, Vision Zero, and Climate Action Plan and will identify complete streets elements and multimodal design improvements for users of all ages and abilities. Read the full letter here. [pdf]

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