Letter: Support for $140 Million for Transformative Climate Communities

We joined other advocacy organizations across the state to express our strong support for restoring funding out of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) program to at least $140 million this year.

To read the letter, click here

Letter: AB 423 (Support)

Today, Circulate submitted a letter in support of AB 423, which will transform the San Diego Air Pollution Control District (APCD) Board and ensure access to clean air across the entire San Diego region.

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Letter: SB 50 (Support)

Circulate San Diego supports SB 50 (Wiener), the More HOMES Act. Circulate supports the More HOMES Act because it creates more housing options for San Diegans to walk, bike, or take transit to work or school. 

Read the letter here [PDF]

Letter: Normal Street Promenade Project (Support)

Circulate San Diego supports the proposed Normal Street Promenade, which will transform an underutilized public right-of-way into a vibrant transit-oriented pedestrian promenade. 

Read the letter here [PDF]

Letter: Support for MTS’ Proposed Joint Development Program

Circulate San Diego supports MTS' proposed Joint Development Program, which will be presented at the February 14th Board of Directors meeting. MTS staff and the Board have demonstrated their leadership to address San Diego’s most pressing issues through Policy 18 and the Joint Development Program implementing procedures. Circulate applauds MTS’ efforts to provide more housing regionally near transit.

Read the letter here [PDF].

Letter: Recommendations for Councilmember Budget Priority Memoranda for FY 2020

Circulate San Diego submitted a letter with recommendations for the FY 2020 budget today. These investments, if funded, will save lives, help the City of San Diego reach its Vision Zero and Climate Action Plan goals, and increase community representation and participation in community planning groups.

Read the letter here [PDF].

Letter: Support for Proposed Mobility Advisory Board

Today Circulate San Diego submitted a letter to the San Diego City Council in support of the formation of a Mobility Advisory Board. Creation of a Mobility Board in San Diego will provide a path for the City to comprehensively implement transportation policies and projects, including a much needed focus on the City’s Vision Zero commitment. 

Read the letter [PDF].

Letter: Bus and Trolley Transfers in the Regional Transit Fare Study Update

Circulate San Diego sent a letter urging the SANDAG and MTS Boards of Directors to revise the proposed fare changes in the Regional Transit Fare Study Update to include free or discounted bus transfers and reinstate free transfers for the Trolley.

Read the letter [PDF].

Letter: 2019 Regional Plan Network Concepts

Today we submitted a letter to the SANDAG Board of Directors encouraging them to consider requesting transit projects be advanced beyond what is currently proposed in the Shared Mobility concept released as a part of the development of the 2019 Regional Plan. We also encourage planning for the Purple Line be incorporated into the future transportation network scenario. 

Read the full letter [PDF].

Letter: Reforming San Diego’s Parking Code

Circulate San Diego drafted proposed amendments to the City of San Diego's parking code and shared it with the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee in a letter today. The amendments that are needed to fulfill the City’s goals are not complicated and should be brought forward immediately. If the Mayor’s administration is not able to take action to draft these amendments, they should be moved forward by action of the City Council.

Read the letter and parking code amendments [PDF]

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