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PRESS RELEASE: Pedestrian Struck in Hit and Run in Sorrento Valley


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Press Release: Pedestrian Struck in Hit and Run in Sorrento Valley

SAN DIEGO (February 17, 2021) – A pedestrian was seriously injured when a vehicle doing “donuts” in the middle of an intersection struck her on February 14, 2020 in the Sorrento Valley neighborhood of the City of San Diego. According to the San Diego Police Department’s Watch Commander’s Log, at around 12:00 a.m., a 25-year-old woman was struck when the vehicle did a wide “donut” and struck a woman standing in the intersection. The Police Department has characterized the incident as a hit and run.  The woman suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of the collision.

"No one should fear for their lives while walking in San Diego,” said Colin Parent, Executive Director and General Counsel for Circulate San Diego. “Dangerous activities like drifting and racing have no place on our streets. We must do more to encourage drivers to see traffic crashes as preventable and to choose to drive safely.”

Circulate San Diego currently leads Crash Not Accident and Vision Zero campaigns, which are both efforts to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on San Diego streets.

In partnership with the California Office of Traffic Safety, Crash Not Accident educates San Diegans about our role in preventing traffic deaths and serious injuries by acknowledging that crashes are not merely “accidents,” but are the result of human error and systemic decisions. For more information, visit

Vision Zero is an international movement to end traffic deaths and serious injuries through careful driving, safe street design, and other safety principles. The City of San Diego committed to Vision Zero and ending all traffic fatalities within 10 years, beginning in 2015. For more information, visit

Traffic crashes are preventable. We can all do more to save lives so that San Diegans can walk, bike, roll, or drive without risking life or limb.

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Circulate San Diego is a regional nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing mobility and making the region a better place to move, work, learn and play. We lead a coalition of more than 25 local organizations to support Vision Zero throughout the San Diego region. For more information, visit