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Zero traffic deaths in San Diego 

Learn about our Crash Not Accident campaign.

Read our groundbreaking report on Vision Zero in San Diego (2015).

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Read our 5 year update, "Hope for Vision Zero" for Vision Zero in San Diego (2021). 

Our streets should be safe, no matter where we go or how we get there.

On average, one person is injured every day in San Diego while driving, walking or bicycling.  Traffic violence is now on par and exceeding the homicide rate in San Diego, and traffic collisions are the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 0 to 13 in the City.  In 2016, 2,155 were injured and 107 people were killed walking and biking on our roads in San Diego County.  

The Solution

Vision Zero is a data-driven approach to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries on our roadways, within a specific time frame, by increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility. 

Vision Zero strategies focus on: 

  • Reducing speed limits and prioritizing the most vulnerable road users
  • Redesigning streets to make them accessible for people of all ages and abilities 
  • Raising awareness and providing education about unsafe behaviors on the road 

No loss of life is acceptable. Vision Zero will prevent injuries and save lives.IMG_4551.JPG

As a great city we owe it to San Diegans to provide street design that brings safety, predictability, and protection from human error, along with community education and police enforcement. Working with City leaders and residents of all ages and backgrounds to prevent injuries and eliminate death on our streets is the fundamental goal of Vision Zero. Studies in San Diego and other cities show these changes will also lead to economic and sustainability gains.

Zero deaths is an ambitious but attainable goal. Cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have already started working towards the same goal -- with success. If it works in these cities, it can work in San Diego, too. San Diego can take specific actions towards Vision Zero.

Read more about the national Vision Zero movement.

Fix the Fatal Fifteen - Success!

Read about our success advocating for improvements to the fifteen most dangerous intersections in San Diego through our Fix the Fatal Fifteen intersections campaign.

Growing List of Supporters

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