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SD-CC-1-LI-B-136.jpgToday, Circulate San Diego will begin publishing series of posts from our Policy Counsel Colin Parent about the proposed Quality of Life measure in 2016.

“Quality of Life,” or “QoL” for short, is a region-wide sales tax measure being contemplated by SANDAG, the region’s transportation and land use planning agency, made up by the County of San Diego and the various cities within it.

This series is intended to provide some basic background information about how the region funds transportation programs, and how a new ballot measure could improve transportation choices into the future.

As a preliminary matter, Circulate San Diego already expressed our hope for SANDAG to put forward a Quality of Life measure that accelerates transit and active transportation projects into periods earlier than the Regional Plan SANDAG recently adopted. With some important caveats, Circulate San Diego is predisposed to supporting a transit-focused Quality of Life measure.

Whether or not SANDAG places on the ballot a measure that advances transit and active transportation remains to be seen. As will be outlined in our final post, if SANDAG fails to put forward a measure that advances important project to improve transportation choices, Circulate San Diego believes that transportation advocates should oppose a Quality of Life measure and wait for a better measure in the future.

In addition to this introductory post, this series will include the following four topics: