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Safe Streets Are a Priority for San Diego City Council

Vision Zero received overwhelming support from the majority of Councilmembers in the first release of the City Council’s budget priorities this year. Circulate San Diego’s top priority in the FY 2019 budget season is the prioritization of safe streets and the budget priorities show that the City’s Councilmembers agree with us: Vision Zero must be prioritized. Eight out of nine Councilmembers prioritized bicycle and pedestrian safety this year, an increase from last year!

Thank you to all of the Councilmembers who prioritized safe streets in their memos! Here are some highlights from Councilmember prioritization of safe streets:

  • Six Councilmembers highlighted the need for Vision Zero, including Council Pro Tem Bry, and Councilmembers Zapf, Ward, Kersey, Alvarez, and Gomez.
  • Six Vision Zero improvements recommended by Circulate were requested by Councilmembers located on the most dangerous corridors and intersections:
    • Downtown Mobility Plan cycle track network (D3)
    • Intersection of Kansas Street and El Cajon Boulevard (D3)
    • Market Street from 22nd Street to Euclid Avenue (D8)
    • University Avenue from Euclid Avenue to Winona Avenue (D9)
    • El Cajon Boulevard in front of Hoover High School (D9)
    • El Cajon Boulevard and intersections of Menlo Avenue and Euclid Avenue (D9)
  • Four Councilmembers prioritized fixing the Fatal 15: Council Pro Tem Bry, and Councilmembers Ward, Alvarez, and Gomez.
  • Councilmembers Ward and Gomez prioritized the hiring of a grant writer to pursue funding opportunities for road safety improvements.
  • Council President Pro Tem Bry and Councilmember Alvarez requested that bicycle improvements be made concurrently with road resurfacing in order to meet both Vision Zero and Climate Action Plan goals.
  • Council President Cole requested that transportation capital funding be consistent with 2020 CAP mode share goals.
  • Kersey requested that Vision Zero projects be prioritized in the Infrastructure Fund.
  • Councilmember Cate recommended installing rectangular rapid flashing beacons, which increase pedestrian visibility, in multiple locations in his district.
  • Councilmember Zapf prioritized several pedestrian improvements in her district including installation of pedestrian activated flashing beacons.

Budget season has officially begun with the release of the Councilmembers’ Budget Priority Memoranda. On Thursday, February 1st, the Budget Committee will review the Council Budget Priorities, which will also go to the full Council on February 12th. Following the review of Council Budget Priorities, the next step is the release of the Mayor’s FY 2019 Proposed Budget in April.

If you care about safe streets in San Diego, contact Mayor Faulconer and your Councilmember to voice your support for Vision Zero!