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COVID-19 Adaptions

We are proactively evolving the way we implement our programs to meet the needs of our public and private partners across Southern California. We continue to provide quality education, encouragement, and safety resources to the community, and advocate for safe streets. Adaptions to our engagement efforts have included:

  • Designing quick-build solutions for waiting areas, parklets, flexible curb space, and outdoor dining
  • Online activity guides and resources to promote socially distance outdoor activities
  • All ages educational safety videos
  • Online meetings and webinars
  • Online surveys
  • Expanded use of e-newsletters and social media
  • One-on-one phone calls with stakeholders to solicit input

Active Aging

Circulate is working with communities across the region on active aging initiatives. These initiatives, in partnership with AARP and the World Health Organization, address mobility needs of society's growing and aging population. Initiatives target improvements in eight domains that influence the health and quality of life of older adults: outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, work and civic engagement, communications and information, community and health services.


  • The San Diego Foundation
  • AARP
  • World Health Organization
  • County of San Diego
  • City of La Mesa
  • City of Carlsbad
  • City of National City
  • San Diego State University Social Policy Institute

Mobility Assessments

Circulate staff are experts in organizing and facilitating mobility assessments with community groups and organizations throughout San Diego County. These assessments document mobility challenges and opportunities and often engage the community through walk audits, input surveys, and in-person community conversations. Circulate is the regional leader in women-specific, older adults, and night-time mobility assessments, three areas often overlooked in traditional assessments.  Findings and input are typically presented as a report and used to advance planning work and help advocate and fund mobility improvements.


  • Downtown San Diego Partnership
  • Cortez Hill Active Residents Group
  • City Heights Community Development Corporation
  • City of San Diego
  • San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
  • Rise Up Town

Placemaking + Demonstration Projects

Placemaking and temporary installations, also referred to as demonstration projects, are two strategies that help create a sense of place in a neighborhood and engage residents in the planning process. Placemaking typically focuses on developing a neighborhood identity and creating communities amenities such as a wayfinding signage, parklets, and all-ages play space. Demonstration projects focus on testing infrastructure improvements before they are made permanent such as protected bike lanes, high-visibility crosswalks, and curb extensions. Circulate has an extensive inventory of materials for these projects.


  • Parklets
  • Community engagement and input collection
  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Wayfinding signage

Creative Engagement + Branding

Circulate staff has designed and facilitated a wide array of interactive and engaging strategies to make the public outreach process fun and accessible. We are champions of civic engagement and ensuring residents of all ages and abilities are included in the planning process. In addition, our creative team is skilled at providing project and program branding, including logo design, social media campaigns, infographics, and program incentives.


  • Transit For Fun events
  • Online and print surveys
  • Event tabling
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Pop-up events
  • Interactive data collection

Youth and School-Based Programs

Circulate has been working in schools across San Diego County since the early years of the organization. Our staff is experienced working with students, staff, and parents on education and encouragement campaigns that promote walking, biking, and rolling to school. Circulate understands the importance of customizing school programs based on student age, existing walking and biking population, parent involvement, and existing infrastructure. As an organization, we value our school-based work and hope the students we work with become the next generation of active transportation advocates.

Programs + Activities

  • School-site walk audits
  • Walk To School Day events
  • Bike to School Day events
  • Pedestrian safety presentations
  • Scooter and bicycle rodeos
  • Don't Text and Drive campaigns