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  1. Collisions Continue: Why we need Vision Zero implementation

  2. Santee Stalls Proposed Increase in Parking Requirements

  3. We are making a difference for TOD

  4. Discover Circulate San Diego's Programs: Safe Routes to School

  5. The Impact of the Voices that Support Vision Zero

Collisions Continue: Why we need Vision Zero implementation 


Since the last Circulator two weeks ago, a serious uptick in crashes involving pedestrians has occurred. The concept behind the City-adopted goal of Vision Zero is that traffic deaths and serious injuries are preventable—through safe street design, education, and enforcement. The recent spate of serious injuries shows that while the City of San Diego has made progress toward achieving Vision Zero, there is still a lot more that needs to be done. We know how to make streets safer, however transportation funding needs to be prioritized to make safety improvements where data shows collisions occur most frequently: on the eight Vision Zero corridors (pictured) and Fatal Fifteen intersections. Here are the press releases we issued in the last two weeks:

Santee Stalls Proposed Increase in Parking Requirements


This week, Circulate submitted a letter to the City of Santee strongly advising against proposed modifications to increase their parking requirements for new multi-family housing developments. Increasing parking requirements would result in increased traffic, greenhouse gas emissions, and housing costs. As a result of our letter and others’ on Wednesday night, the Santee City Council voted unanimously to not adopt the proposed modifications and instead schedule a public workshop in January, where there will be an opportunity to voice support for reasonable parking requirements.

In the letter, we took the opportunity to reference every city planner’s favorite parking expert, Donald Shoup. Staff at Circulate are huge Shoupistas, as evidenced by Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

We are making a difference for TOD 


Earlier this year, Circulate San Diego published a report on how the City of San Diego can implement the Climate Action Plan with more transit oriented development. 

Earlier this week, we released a letter to supporters detailing the impact of our recent report. The short summary: Our Transit Oriented Development Report is improving San Diego’s land use policy. 

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Discover Circulate San Diego's Programs: Safe Routes to School

Circulate San Diego is involved in many communities across San Diego County, implementing programs aimed at engaging people around transportation issues and developing solutions to create better mobility choices and healthy, vibrant neighborhoods. 

Safe Routes to School is one of the many programs Circulate has led with cities, schools, and school partners over the years. Chula Vista is an example of a Safe Routes to School program on which Circulate San Diego collaborated. 

To read more information about what exactly a Safe Routes to School program consists of and the work we did in Chula Vista, please click here

The Impact of the Voices that Support Vision Zero

Vision Zero encourages cities to take a data-driven approach to reducing serious injuries and traffic deaths. It is meant to be a catalyst for moving projects forward. However, it is the people who advocate for this initiative that truly build the urgency for action.

The Vision Zero Coalition is a group of advocates that are representatives of organizations throughout San Diego. Together with constituents of their community, they work towards increasing street safety by focusing on moving projects forward that protect pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorist. They also work to inform residents about Vision Zero and to build momentum around critical events that can lead to long-term change, such as the City’s budget approval.

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