Media Advisory: Crash Not Accident San Diego Campaign Kick-Off and Panel To Raise Awareness for Traffic Safety

MEDIA ADVISORY  – August 5, 2020

Contact: Maya Rosas, Director of Policy

310-804-5256 | [email protected]

Crash Not Accident San Diego Campaign Kick-Off and Panel To Raise Awareness for Traffic Safety

Tomorrow, nonprofit think tank Circulate San Diego will launch a month-long Crash Not Accident campaign with a panel to educate San Diego media and the public-at-large about the national Crash Not Accident movement. The term “accident” can lead people to believe that crashes are inevitable, whereas they can actually be prevented with careful driving, safe street design, and other Vision Zero principles.

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Planning Work Quarterly Update

Circulate San Diego has remained steadfast in our commitment to meaningful planning and engagement during these unusual times. We continue to adapt our approaches to program work to meet the needs of our partners, provide quality resources to the community, and advocate for excellent mobility choices and vibrant, healthy neighborhoods. Here are a few highlights of what we've been up to this quarter!

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Exit Spotlight: Kaitlyn Cochran

Our intern, Kaitlyn Cochran, is moving on to great things! We conducted an exit interview with her to share her experience with us and to celebrate her journey forward.

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Campaign Update: Success for the Middle Income Bonus Program

Last year we jumped the gun a little by announcing the adoption of the City of San Diego’s Middle Income Bonus program. It took a full year before the City Council implemented the policy with a required second reading, which they did this week.

Due to our advocacy, the program allows developments near transit to receive up to a 75 percent bonus above base density! This is a big deal, and it will allow substantially more homes in the City of San Diego.

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Coalition Letter: Support for New Emergency Funding to California’s Transit Agencies

Circulate signed onto coalition letters urging state and federal leadership to provide new emergency funding to California's transit agencies. Without more rescue funding this year, transit service will be reduced and risks permanent elimination.

Read the full letter to state leaders [PDF] and the letter to federal leaders here [PDF].

Letter: SB-1120-Support if Amended

Today Circulate submitted a Support If Amended letter regarding SB-1120. We propose specific amendments that will expand accessibility to the benefits of SB-1120. 

Read the full letter here [PDF].

Our campaign to reform community planning takes a big step forward.

Last week the City of San Diego released a survey of members of community planning groups. The survey quantified what many had observed anecdotally, that community planning groups are older, wealthier, and whiter that the communities they are tasked with representing. The survey was reported by the Voice of San Diego.

This survey provides clear and unambiguous evidence that San Diego’s system of community planning excludes many voices, and must be reformed if it is to continue.

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Letter: Recommendations for AHSC Round 6 Guidelines

Circulate submitted recommendations for the Strategic Growth Council’s (SGC) Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Round 6 guidelines. The San Diego region received zero funding from the California SGC’s AHSC grant for Round 5, and we feel the SGC board should revisit scoring criteria to ensure a regional balance in funding for projects throughout California during AHSC Round 6.

Read the full letter here [PDF].

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