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Circulator - 06/07/2024

We've Moved!

Circulate San Diego has moved to 701 B Street, Suite # 1150 in Downtown San Diego. Please update your records accordingly.

We are thrilled to be in this new space and look forward to seeing everyone at our Summer Membership Mixer on Tuesday, July 16th!

Save The Date: Circulate’s Summer Membership Mixer

Join Circulate San Diego for our Summer Membership Mixer on July 16th at our new downtown office and help us celebrate our new digs!

We’ll have a fun evening with our diverse and engaged membership for networking, free drinks, music, and celebrations. Mingle with Circulate staff members, local decision makers, and professionals in the land use and transportation space.

We are also pleased to announce that we'll be joined by Senator Catherine Blakespear.

RECAP: UCSD E-Bike Giveaway

This past Tuesday, May 28th, Circulate partnered with County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and Rad Power Bikes to giveaway 15 free e-bikes (including helmets and a lock) to current students in from of Sun God lawn!

Hundreds of UCSD students submitted surveys in hopes of winning a free bike. Names were drawn out one by one until the 15 e-bikes were given away.

We thank UC San Diego, Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer’s Office, and Rad Power bikes for allowing this to be such a successful event!

#FixTheFatal15 – Progress as Councilmembers and IBA recommend expanded funding for Fatal15

Throughout this year’s budget process, Circulate and our Vision Zero allies have highlighted the worst intersections, the Fatal 15, and made cost-effective recommendations for their improvement.

On June 4, we were heartened to see that the Independent Budget Analyst’s office report suggested that additional amounts be “appropriated to eligible existing Vision Zero - Fixing the Most Dangerous Intersection capital projects” in the amount of $785,000, as requested by our coalition. This was based on strong responses from the recent budget memos of every single councilmember – who each highlighted the need for safer streets and attention to Vision Zero and the Fatal 15.

The proposal is in front of the City Council Budget committee on Friday, June 7.

NEW POLICY REPORT – “A Better Coastal Commission” to be released June 14, 2024

On Friday, June 14, 2024, Circulate will launch our latest report “A Better Coastal Commission.”

The report compares the California Coastal Commission’s stated mission and rhetoric with its track record and finds they don’t match up.

The Commission is supposed to be one of California’s great progressive institutions - protecting the environment and coastal access for all Californians. But a review of their decisions and practices shows that they fail to live up to that talk.

Far from increasing access, the Commission’s behavior in recent years has made the coast the least accessible part of California. These outdated and counterproductive policies and practices drive the housing crisis, inland sprawl, and climate change.

The report goes on to outline reforms that can help the California Coastal Commission better fulfill its mission and improve housing affordability, reduce residential segregation, and fight climate change.

A press conference and launch event is scheduled for 8AM on Friday, June 14.

Vision Zero Coalition Rallies to Fix the Fatal 15

On Friday, May 31 at 1:00 p.m, Circulate and its Vision Zero Coalition allies, including Families for Safe Streets San Diego and BikeSD organized a rally against traffic violence at the intersection of Market and 19th Street in San Diego.

Market and 19th is one of the Fatal 15 intersections – the deadliest intersections in San Diego. It’s where Families for Safe Streets San Diego member Katie Gordon’s husband Jason was struck by a car and killed while he was walking to the store. He is survived by Katie and their one-year-old twin daughters.

The rally garnered positive news coverage at KPBS, Fox5, CBS8, Yahoo, and KOGO

(Image is COO Jeremy Bloom speaking to Fox5 at the rally)

Planning Commission Approves UC Plan Update, Calls for Denser Options

On May 30, 2024, the San Diego Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed UC Community Plan Update.

In recent months, Circulate has praised City Planning Department Staff for including the most robust plan, Scenario A, as an alternative for the Environmental Impact Report. We were thrilled to see the EIR recognize it as the "environmentally superior alternative."

However, City Planning staff now says it is impossible for them to propose Scenario A as an option for approval, since they have never actually created a plan to do so. The Planning Department has said that any attempt to create an adoptable Scenario A plan would cause delay and require additional money. Upon direct questioning, they have refused to offer even general estimates of either how much delay or how much money.

In approving staff’s proposed UC Plan Update, Planning Commissioners expressed frustration at not being able to add more housing. Commissioner Boomhower summed up the sentiment by saying “I still feel this area could accommodate quite a bit more housing than is being proposed . . . but I’m not going to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Circulate will continue to advocate for City Planning staff to submit an adoptable plan for Scenario A, so that its inclusion in the EIR wasn’t simply a sham.

An invitation to read Equality and the City by Enrique Penalosa

Jan Gehl says: ¨To find inspiring solutions, it has for decades been a very good idea to follow Bogota and the work of Enrique Penalosa. In this excellent book it seems that all the good solutions are for once coming together, based on the unique experiences collected by Enrique Penalosa from his terms as Mayor of Bogota and from his firsthand studies in cities all over the World. In short: A fabulous handbook for good cities for the 21st century -and for all corners of the World”.

If all citizens are equal before the Law, a pedestrian or a bicyclist have a right to the same amount of road space as someone in a car.

Land and housing, public space, waterfronts, mobility are some of the issues Penalosa tackles from the equity perspective. ¨In terms of transport an advanced city is not one where even the poor have cars, but rather one where even the wealthy use public transport¨

Through June 14th with the code:  PENN-SUMMER24, customers in the U.S. get 40% off at Penn Press!

Planning Activities in June

June is a busy month for Circulate’s Planning Team!

On June 8th from 1 pm to 4 pm, bring your bikes, scooters, skateboards, and helmets to the Summer Safety Fair at Loma Verde Community Center. Circulate will be hosting a bike rodeo and distributing bicycle education incentives.

Circulate has partnered with the City of Chula Vista’s Libraries for their Lunch and Learns to educate families on pedestrian safety through our Safety Town:

June 11th at Noon - Located at the Civic Center Library

June 13th at Noon - Located at South Chula Vista Library

June 21st at 5:30 pm - Circulate will be part of the pre-show activities at Colina del Sol Park’s Summer Movie in the Park. We will distribute fun and educational pedestrian and bicycle incentives to families.