Report: 2012 San Diego Regional Walk Scorecard

2012_Walk_Picture.pngLike most Americans, San Diegans are increasingly demanding safe and attractive walking conditions, or what we in the livable communities movement call “walkability.” Walkability is something we can feel more than measure. Yet, increasingly, San Diegans recognize improved walkability as a way to improve health, increase the economic vitality of neighborhoods, and conserve natural resources. New tools are emerging to quantify the walkability of streets, neighborhoods, and cities. This report measures, for the first time, the extent to which cities in the San Diego region are responding to the call for more walkable neighborhoods.

WalkSanDiego (one of Circulate San Diego's predecessor organizations) created the Regional Walk Scorecard as a customized tool to measure walkability among the 18 cities in the San Diego region, to raise awareness of policies and funding decisions that impact walkability, and to create healthy competition among cities to champion walk-friendly policies and infrastructure. 

Click here to download the full report [PDF].

Letter: MOVE San Diego Letter to SANDAG on 2011 RTP EIR

Letter from Circulate San Diego's predecessor organization MOVE San Diego commenting on the environmental impact report for the Draft 2011 Regional Transportation Plan. [PDF]

Report: Safe for All

a1820281a0977c19fca64fb97890f1b8.jpgSafe for All is a benchmark study that examines the status of street design throughout San Diego County.

Click here to download the full report [PDF].

Report: Health Equity by Design

99973fb172166851a7ae2aba06819420.jpgHealth Equity by Design was a project conducted by WalkSanDiego (Circulate San Diego's predecessor organization) in the community of City Heights. This report identifies health disparities and provides recommendations for improvements.

Click here to download the full report [PDF]. Versions in Spanish and Somali are also available. 

Lagoon Trail

Report: City Heights Safe Routes to School

City_Heights_SRS.pngCity Heights Safe Routes to School Report is a 2010 report that provides an overview of the Safe Routes to School project done in City Heights.  This report includes recommendations to enhance walkability around select schools in City Heights.

Click here to download the full report [PDF].  

Report: Walkable Neighborhoods

fcf22c1b9ef2294f1b6014013a35fcfd.jpgWalkable Neighborhoods examines the economic benefits of walkability and the implications of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) as a possible funding model for walking infrastructure improvements.

Click here to download the full report [PDF].

Report: East Village Walkability

East_Village_Walkability.pngEast Village Walkability Report provides recommendations for improving the pedestrian and bicycling environment in the City College/East Village neighborhood.

Click here to download the full report [PDF].

Report: Making Strides Toward A More Walkable North Park

Making_Strides_NPark.pngMaking Strides Toward A More Walkable North Park provides findings and recommendations for walkability in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego.

Click here to download the full report [PDF]

Report: Illuminating San Diego

Illuminating_SD.pngIlluminating San Diego reviews existing San Diego Street Lighting Standards and appropriate lighting solutions for our region.

Click here to download the full report [PDF].

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