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City of Montebello First Mile Last Mile Plan

Circulate partnered with KTUA Planning and Landscape Architecture to develop a First Last Mile Plan for the City of Montebello.

The "first and last mile" refers to the distance to and from a transit stop between your origin and to your destination. Transit users often rely on walking or using a wheelchair, riding a bike, using an e-scooter, or other forms of micro-mobility to access transit, but there are oftentimes barriers that make accessing transit less attractive, such as a busy intersection or lack of bike lanes. The goal of the plan is to help improve pedestrian and bicycle connections to and from transit stops. Improvements to calm traffic and create connections and access to transit should help increase ridership volumes and make streets safer for all road users.

With funding from the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the project team spent more than a year reviewing existing conditions and developing recommendations for the City of Montebello. Circulate was in charge of leading the community engagement portions of the project including:

  • marketing and logo creation,
  • leading social media campaigns,
  • creation of an educational video,
  • organizing and convening (6) stakeholder group meetings,
  • (10) walk audits and (2) bike audits to assess existing conditions around Montebello,
  • (3) in-person community events, including the use of the Go Human SCAG Kit of Parts,
  • development of chapters in the final FMLM plan.

The project is still ONGOING so stayed tuned for the uploading of the final plan! The final plan will be uploaded here.

Montebello FMLM Project Video

Walk Audits

In-Person Community Events